Dworek Bogdanka is located in the village Trzebin – a settlement located 2 km south of Człopa. The nearby Drawieński National Park (DNP) areas are called “Land of 101 Lakes”. They are famous for their numerous lakes with clear water, beautiful woodland and a wealth of fauna and flora. The village Trzebin, located near the road Człopa – Wielen, is surrounded by moraine hills, by the Trzebińskie Lake.

Historical Overview

Trzebin village already existed in the fourteenth century. The first mention of the settlement was in year 1381. In the first half of the nineteenth century, almost the entire village was burned, and from the noble old farm there were left only remains. According to maps, at the end of the nineteenth century manor house was built here again, probably intended for the rulers. A small park was then created surrounding the manor. According to sources the building housed a school for girls – future housewives and boys – land managers. Manor often changed owners. Presumably, in the 20s of the twentieth century it belonged to Major Hugo Grimm – at that time one of the largest land owners landowners in these areas. After World War II the property and farm land gentry were nationalized. Currently Trzebin is a typical peasant village on Wałecka Land. It is a private property.


The manor Dworek Bogdanka is located on the north-eastern edge of the village. From the gate to the mansion leads a driveway, passing through almost a hundred-meter courtyard. In the background there are outbuildings. The building, located on The List of Polish Monuments currently is undergoing renovations. The hotel part has already been renewed and modernized. The immediate surroundings of the court is a park with many species of trees, including oak, ash, beech, maple, chestnut, larch and lime. In the area there are numerous ponds and lakes, multicolored meadows and peanut fields – all on an area of ​​nearly 90 hectares.