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Dworek Bogdanka  

Dworek Bogdanka (Bogdanka Manor) is a picturesque property covering nearly 90 acres, on which a restored nineteenth century manor house is located. A charm to the landscape are two ponds – the annual breeding ground for swans. Dworek Bogdanka offers accommodation in 5 rooms and free parking.

Dworek Bogdanka is located in the village Trzebin in Western Pomerania. At a distance of 2 km is a town Człopa. Nearby is a woodlands area with 41 lakes.

Just 20 minutes from the Dworek Bogdanka is Drawieński National Park (DPN). Labeled hiking and nature trails are available for DPN pedestrian and bicycle free of charge throughout the year, from dawn to dusk. For more information visit

As a unique offer the manor there is home cooking and the training of attracting animals which is carried by Andrzej Misiak. Details of the offer on the page “attracting animals”.